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    Note: Some sounds clips don't include lyrics.

    The minimum initial order for choral music is 5 octavos—1 octavo for each part plus 1 octavo for a piano accompanist. After the first order of a title, you can order one or more of the same title.

    Traditional Choral Music

    Amazing Grace
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    Enjoy a new, uplifting arrangement of this beautiful gospel song. Lyrics by the inspiring John Newton, who wrote the timeless words sometime between 1760 and 1770 to thank the grace that saved his life during a ravaging storm on the high seas.

    SATB. Intermediate level with optional piano accompaniment, plus chord symbols. String quartet version available in the same key.

    Auld Lang Syne
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    A traditional harmonic sound introduces this song, while the second half explores reharmonized vistas as a new way to bring in the New Year. These two harmonic sections alternate, ending with the traditional harmony.

    SATB. Intermediate approaching advanced level, with optional piano accompaniment. All lyrics in their original Scottish language with translation by Arthur Porter.

    Ice Cream
    $1.00 each octavo, minimum 3 octavos for this title only order now

    Based on the children's chant, ice cream you scream, the odd meter of this structured improvisation is soon mastered and fun for all to sing.

    SAA or AAB. Intermediate level.

    Easter Songs for Church Choir

    The Old Rugged Cross
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    This fresh new arrangement of George Bennard's song is a must-have for the Easter season. The arrangement allows different parts of the chorus to shine as the melody moves from one section to another.

    SATB. Intermediate level with optional piano accompaniment. String quartet version available in the same key.

    In the Garden
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    Our joyful rendition of this popular song is sure to please your singers and listeners. Great for the Easter season and other occasions. Beautiful harmonies bring out the best in this enchanting song by C. Austin Miles.

    SATB. Intermediate level with optional piano accompaniment.

    Easter Song
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    This song sets to music Mary Artemis Lathbury's beautiful poem of the same title. The poem covers a range of moods, also expressed by the music, in celebration of Easter. The melody of this uplifting song is carried by various parts of the chorus.

    Lathbury, poet laureate of Chautauqua and daughter of a Methodist minister, taught art and French at the Newbury Academy in Vermont and New York.

    SATB. Intermediate approaching advanced level, with optional piano accompaniment. Music by Valarie Morris.

    Jewish Choral Music

    Avadim Hayinu
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    We Were Slaves (title in English). This traditional Passover song celebrates the fact that, after a long past of enslavement, the Jewish people are now free. Our new arrangement captures the mood and texture of the song like no other.

    SATB. Intermediate level with optional piano accompaniment, plus chord symbols. String quartet version available in the same key.

    $1.50 each octavo order now

    It's Enough for Me (title in English). Gratitude is the expression of this traditional Passover song. This arrangement has a light feel and uses some call and response techniques.

    SATB. Intermediate level with optional piano accompaniment. String quartet version available in the same key.

    Al Naharot Bavel
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    By the Rivers of Babylon (title in English). This Passover song tells the story of those who stopped by the rivers of Babylon, wondering how long they must live in and move to foreign lands. Reharmonized chords give our arrangement a modern twist, sure to surprise and delight seasoned listeners.

    SATB. Intermediate level with optional piano accompaniment, plus chord symbols.

    Ma Nishtana
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    How is This Night Different? (title in English). This song for Passover seder is sometimes called The Four Questions. The melody begins by featuring each section of the chorus, then it is carried by the sopranos and later by the tenors. The second section of the song is reharmonized to give a subtle jazz flavor to the song.

    SATB. Intermediate level with optional piano accompaniment, plus chord symbols. String quartet version available in the same key.

    Echad Mi Yode'a
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    Who Knows One? (title in English). A question repeats throughout this song, using sequential numbers along the lines of the 12 Days of Christmas, to recognize the important aspects of Passover. The rhythms in this arrangement enhance the element of fun and capture the essence of this popular folk song, with key changes adding to the excitement. Divisi sections in all parts.

    SATB. Intermediate level with optional piano accompaniment, plus chord symbols. String quartet version available in the same key.

    $1.50 each octavo order now

    This playful Jewish traditional (sov, sov, sov or spin, spin, spin) is perfect for the holiday season! Enjoy the beautiful harmonies of this song. Starting with a stanza in Hebrew, every other stanza is the English translation of the previous stanza. Translation by Rabbi Harry Manhoff. With optional piano accompaniment.

    SATB. Intermediate level with optional piano accompaniment.

    Classic Patriotic Songs

    Songs of Patriots
    $21.99 order now

    Sing the songs that trace America's history through the centuries! Through extensive research in America's archives, we found many songs popular in their day that somehow slipped through the cracks. And we did our best to use the oldest version of each song.

    Songs of Patriots includes the following 30 songs, chord symbols, and various versions of lyrics, including some parodies:

  • Yankee Doodle (The Yankee's Return from Camp)
  • The Liberty Song
  • Election - The People's Right
  • Fair and Free Elections
  • The Star-Spangled Banner
  • The Marine's Hymn
  • The Bonnie Blue Flag
  • Reply to the Bonnie Blue Flag
  • The Southern Girl (The Homespun Dress)
  • Taps
  • Tattoo
  • Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade
  • Grafted into the Army
  • Tenting on the Old Campground
  • The Brass-Mounted Army
  • The Southern Wagon
  • When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  • Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
  • Johnny Fill Up the Bowl
  • Hold the Fort
  • America, The Beautiful
  • The Stars and Stripes Forever
  • The Yankee Doodle Boy
  • Anchors Aweigh
  • You're a Grand Old Flag
  • The March of the Women
  • Goodbye Broadway, Hello France
  • America's Legacy
  • America's Legacy ... in C

    Historical information about each song is located at the back of each 84-page book. All arrangements at an intermediate level. Piano/vocal, guitar/vocal, and accordion/vocal books are available.

    Choral Love Songs

    Be Mine: Love Songs
    $14.99 order now

    Croon a tune from yesteryear with this delightful collection of popular love songs from the early 1900s, plus an original written a century later. Lyrics and chord symbols with two or three parts.

    A new melody is included for each tune using the chord progression of the original song. The new melody works as a second chorus and, for many songs, can be sung along with the original melody for a contrapuntal sound with two soprano parts. SAB or SSAB.

    Songs in the books:

  • Alice Blue Gown
  • Blue Moon
  • Cuddle Up a Little Closer, Lovey Mine
  • For Me and My Gal
  • I Love You Truly
  • I'm Just Wild About Harry
  • If I Had My Way
  • Let Me Call You Sweetheart
  • Memories
  • My Gal Sal
  • Till We Meet Again
  • Valentine Waltz
  • Whispering
  • You Made Me Love You

    Other books in the series make it easy for any instruments to join the chorus. Books are available for C treble clef, alto clef, bass clef, Bb, Eb, and F instruments.

    Christmas Choir Music

    Deck the Halls
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    Sing this happy song for your holiday celebrations! Our new arrangement includes the three stanzas we all know and love plus an ending that brings it all together with a new twist.

    SATB. Intermediate level with optional piano accompaniment.

    We Wish You a Merry Christmas
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    An exciting new arrangement of this holiday favorite with an interlude in 4/4 time, "building bridges of joy," leading back to 3/4 time. Be sure to add this to your holiday repertoire!

    SATB. Intermediate level with optional piano accompaniment.

    Esta Noche Es Noche Buena
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    The traditional Spanish song about Christmas Eve and New Year's Day. Two stanzas of lyrics in Spanish and one stanza translated into English. Fun meter changes from 3/8 to 2/4 and back!

    SATB. Intermediate, approaching advanced level, with optional piano accompaniment. Translation by Alex Quezada.

    Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    Literally Angels in Our Countryside, this is the French version of Angels We Have Heard on High. You'll easily recognize the song as only a few notes are different. All stanzas are in French except for the second stanza, which is the English translation of the first stanza. The familiar refrain, in Latin, is full of gorgeous harmonies.

    SATB. Intermediate level with optional piano accompaniment. Translation from French to English by Valarie Morris.

    Other Winter Holiday Music

    Winter Cheer
    $1.50 each octavo order now

    A delightful song for the holidays, embracing our sisters and brothers around the world with good will and surprises of foods from many lands. Truly an international feast! Sheet of food descriptions is provided with each order. Short divisi sections in all parts.

    SATB or SAAB. Intermediate level with optional piano accompaniment.

    Ritsch, Ratsch
    $1.50 each octavo order now
    New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) selection

    This Swedish dance for December celebrations is delightful and full of fi-li-bom-bom-boms! A bouncy song that's sure to please your singers and listeners. The alto carries the melody while the soprano sings the ostinato. Action parts for the tenor and bass keep the energy high.

    SATB. Intermediate, approaching advanced level, with optional piano accompaniment. Translation by Margitta Gardner.

    Short Light Opera

    The 8-Minute Genetically-Modified Opera
    play dream competition
    play love at first sound
    $34.99 order now

    Possibly the shortest opera ever with the smallest orchestra ever. For an accomplished pianist, French horn player, and brave vocalist comfortable singing both contralto (mother) and soprano (daughter) or a separate vocalist to sing each role. Lots of clever antics to tantalize your audiences with GMOs of all kinds.

    Synopsis in a nutshell. Mother, a scientist close to retirement, wants to make her mark with groundbreaking research and a new product line. Daughter, a bit rebellious and tired of it all, dreams of love, hears the sound of the French horn one night, and immediately falls in love with the horn player. Mother makes a genetically-modified wedding gift and the tragedy begins.

    Complete synopsis plus glossary of technical terms and prop suggestions in sheet music. The piano part is quite demanding, supporting the comedy and tragedy throughout the opera. This contemporary opera was commissioned by William Ballowe and Elizabeth Mitchell.

    Butterfly Life Cycle Songs

    Becoming a Butterfly: How to Raise Monarch Butterflies
    $15.99 order now

    Learn how monarch butterflies develop and transform during all its stages of life. The book features the delightful story written by Jane Morris and Pat Rahmann giving you all the information you need to raise monarch butterflies.

    Ten songs in various styles for the intermediate vocalist add more to the story from the special perspectives of the egg, the caterpillar, the chrysalis, and the butterfly. Listen to clips of songs in the book:

  • Migrate With Me
  • Perpetual Picnic play
  • Life on a Leaf play
  • Treasure Hunt
  • A Butterfly Bed and Breakfast play
  • Eating Machine play
  • Fifth Skin Fandango
  • Dreams of a Chrysalis play
  • Adult Articulations
  • Sky Dances play

    This educational book lends itself to vocal performance, possibly with dancers and staged presentations of children following the steps to raise monarch butterflies. Also an excellent supplemental teaching book.

    The foreword gives some fascinating facts about monarchs along with some environmental dangers to their survival. At the back of the book are a glossary and resources for learning more about monarchs including migration, ecology, and plants that attract butterflies.

    Women's Suffrage Song

    The March of the Women
    $20.00 special PDF version order now

    Ethyl Smyth composed this song, dedicated to the Women's Social and Political Union, in 1911 for the suffragette movement. A famous photo shows her conducting the music with a toothbrush from an upstairs jail cell while the women in the jail courtyard below march in a circle singing courageously.

    Sample of words in the refrain—"Strong, strong stand we at last. Fearless in faith and with sight new given." Intermediate to advanced. This .pdf version is for the number of vocalists in your choir.

    Theatrical and Jazz Vocal Music

    Bilderjilkstraat play
    $14.99 order now

    Bilderdijkstraat is a theatrical piece for a mezzo-soprano with a bent for acting and costuming. The vocalist is a character in Amsterdam coming home late at night, trying not to wake someone who is sound asleep.

    Wide intervals and shifting tonality, with exaggerated dynamics and moods. Advanced, classical contemporary.

    Place Pigalle play
    $14.99 order now

    This portrait of Place Pigalle reflects a light-hearted look at a picturesque part of Paris. The words reflect the images of these Parisian streets and the incredibly beautiful Place Pigalle metro station. The words can be spoken or sung. Accordion gestures support the images.

    Contemporary, for alto voice and accordion.

    As Almost Anyone
    $11.99 order now

    As Almost Anyone is set at the seaside and the beach. Props and costumes are suggested, which can include anything reminiscent of the beach, such as a beach umbrella, beach clothes, and sun hats. Let your imagination guide you. To help create the environment, you can even perform this piece with a tape accompaniment of waves crashing on the beach highlighted by the calls of seagulls.

    In the way that the sounds of waves interlace with the sounds of seagulls at the beach, the words of As Almost Anyone interlace with the music, flowing sometimes before and sometimes after the notes at the vocalist's discretion.

    As the piece develops, it moves from greater dissonance or atonality and wider intervals to less dissonance and a feeling of some tonality with more tertial harmonies and closer intervals. This transition to comfort parallels the story's movement.The rhythms, registers, and dymanics are literal, reflecting the meaning of the words and mood of the text.

    Intermediate, classical contemporary, for spoken voice and piano.

    $7.99 order now

    This exciting new jazz arrangement of "Whispering" by Roberta Mandel features Ms. Mandel's New York chords. A delightful arrangement like no other with special chords to give the contemporary jazz sound of today.

    For intermediate to advanced vocalists. Based on the original song by John and Malvin Schonberger.

    Famous Jewish Women in History

    Voices of Shekhinah: Four Illuminations
    $24.99 order now

    This epic work tells the stories of four important women in Jewish history across the ages, with the music reflecting those eras. The work highlights women from different walks of life, women from the Torah and Talmud, and women from Sepharidic and Ashkenazic traditions.

    Each of the four movements features one vocalist. Four shorter sections (prologue, intermezzo, interlude, and epilogue) are ensembles for the four vocalists. The accompaniment is the piano reduction of the orchestral music.

    For lyric soprano, young soprano, mezzo-soprano, and contralto at advanced levels or for strong intermediate vocalists. Performance time is about 40 minutes.


    For more information, including catalog codes, please see our catalog.

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