Ethel Smyth

Compositions by Ethel Smyth

Ethel Smyth composed music for more than 60 years. The date, when available, follows each title. Her compositions are grouped into nine categories:

Chamber and Instrumental
Song Cycles
Other Songs
Piano Solos in the British Museum
Organ Solos


Fantasio (1898)
The Boatswain's Mate (1916)
The Wreckers (1916)
Der Wald (1920)
Fete Galante (1923)
Entente Cordiale (1926)

Ethel Smyth wrote all the librettos for these operas.
Many of her operas have been categorized as comic ballad operas.


Mass in D, chorus and orchestra (1891)
Four Songs, one voice and ensemble (1908)
Songs of Sunrise, voices: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass (1911)
Hey Nonny No, chorus and orchestra (1911)
Sleepless Dreams, chorus and orchestra (1912)
Three Moods of the Sea, one voice and orchestra (1913)
Three Songs, one voice and orchestra (1913)
Dreamings, voices: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass (1920)
A Spring Canticle, from Der Wald, chorus and orchestra (1926)
The Prison, soprano and bass voices, chorus and orchestra (1930)


Serenade, D (1890)
Antony and Cleopatra, overture (1890)
March of the Women (1911)
Concerto for Violin, Horn, and Orchestra (1927)
On the Cliffs of Cornwall, from the Wreckers (1928)
Two Interlinked French Melodies, from Entente Cordiale (1929)

Chamber and Instrumental

String Quintet in E, op. 1 (1884)
Sonata, op. 5, violincello and pianoforte (1887)
String Quartet in e (1902 to 1912)
Two Trios, for violin, oboe, and pianoforte (1927)

Song Cycles

Songs, op. 3
Songs, op. 4

Other Songs

The Dance, voice and six instruments
Chrysilla, for voice, piano, violin, and Novello
Ancreontic Ode
The March of the Women
sheet music
words of the march

Piano Solos in the British Museum

Sonata, C, 4 movements (September to October 1877)
Sonata, C#, 3 movements (November to December 1877)
Sonata, D, 2 movements (no date)
Canons by Inversion, including a Nocturne (no date)
Prelude and Fugue, F# (1880)
Three Separate Movements (no date)
Suite of Pieces in Dance Forms (no date)

Organ Solos

Prelude on a Traditional Irish Air (1939)
Short Choral Prelude (no date)


Fanfare: Hot Potatoes
Nacht, chorus and orchestra

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