Ethel Smyth

Books by Ethel Smyth

Impressions That Remained (1919)
Streaks of Life (1924)
A Three-Legged Tour in Greece (1927)
A Final Burning of Boats Etc. (1928)
Female Pipings in Eden (1934)
Beecham and Pharaoh (1935)
As Time Went On ... (1936)
Inordinate (?) Affection (1936)
Maurice Baring (1938)
What Happened Next (1940)

Virginia Woolf's Encouragement

Ethel Smyth dedicated As Time Went On ... to her dear friend Virgina Woolf, who often encouraged Smyth's writing. In a letter to Smyth on July 24, 1940, Woolf writes:

    I never agree one book is 'the best.' I believe every book is only a fragment and one may be brighter or a bigger fragment but to complete the whole one must read them all. Certainly you got things said in this one that you didn't in Impressions and the other way about. That's partly why I want you to continue. Because you do continue, being, thank God, not a finished precious vase, but a porous receptacle that sags slightly, swells slightly, but goes on soaking up the dew, the rain, and whatever else falls upon the earth. Isn't that the point of being Ethel Smyth?

    Quotation from Christopher St. John's book, Ethel Smyth: A Biography, Longmans, Green, and Co., London, New York, Toronto, 1959, p. 235.

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