CircumVention is the first album of compositions
by Valarie Morris for acoustic instruments.

Cover art by Eliza Shefler

What's On This Album?

CircumVention includes a piano solo, a flute duet, a clarinet trio and quartets,
a theatrical vocal feature, a 10-piece ensemble, and Full Moon,
a saxophone quartet highlighting the remarkable Anthony Braxton.

Full Moon play
Triumvirate play
Parallelogram play
Wake Up Time play
Diffusion of Radon Through Cracks in a Concrete Slab play
Rhymes for Mama play
Bay Cruise
Interspersion play
As Almost Anyone
Variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star play

All recordings are protected by copyright and
require permission from Sandscape Publications for use.

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reeding between the lines


The music from CircumVention was staged at Mills College
in collaboration with many talented choreographers and dramatists.

A stunning Princess of Ceremonies, played by Kike Adedeji
in a lovely 3-dimensional gown with pink wrap, circa 50s eyeglasses,
and very magic wand, introduced each tune with poetry of questionable merit.

Ms. Adedeji also performed As Almost Anyone,
a theatrical fantasy set at the beach.

In July, As Almost Anyone was performed in collaboration with choreographer and
dancer Mary Reid and Full Moon was performed by the Adolphe Sax Ensemble.

Cassettes and Sheet Music

CircumVention is only available as a cassette.
Sheet music is available for most compositions on the album.

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