What they're saying about
What a Day! and What a Year!

" 'What a Day!' is really great to get beginners used to counting and playing with someone else. The music prepares the students for playing in a band by progressively adding different rhythms as students learn to play with each other."

Elsa Frank, private instrumental teacher—Brook Mays Music, El Paso, TX

"I use 'What a Day!' with my beginners and they enjoy it quite a lot. It's great to have something they can play well that is also fun."

Bruce Hammel, bassoonist and Associate Professor of Music at Virginia Commonwealth University

"My friends and I each bought the 'What a Year!' duet music books. We all love it. Thanks for writing such a great music book. We meet on the weekends to play the tunes."

Al Reisacher, saxophonist—Winnipeg, Manitoba

"The 'What a Year!' books are good for students working on counting, rhythms, and tempos. I like the progressive development of rhythms. This book prepares students for the more challenging rhythms in the What a Week! books"

Elsa Frank, private instrumental teacher—Brook Mays Music, El Paso, TX

"These books are great! I'm going to be sure that everyone who comes into the store sees them!"

Beverly Johnson, Band Instruments & School Services—Allegro Music, Fremont, CA

" 'What a Year' plays a role unlike any other duet book, with its original contemporary tunes. Somewhat challenging, definitely playable by people who enjoy something different. I especially like that the books are available for different instruments so many combinations of instruments can play together."

Sharon Walters, music instructor

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