World Premiere of Symphony of Light and Shadows

April 5, 2003

Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra, Conducted by Michael Morgan

"The title of the work suggests a silent and very visual imagery, set into motion. The listener/performer is at once involved in a profoundly creative process of sound and silence, of vivid forms that come into view and gently float away. I look forward to playing more music by Valarie Morris."

Elizabeth Coronata, flute, Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra

"Variety was the theme of the program which included a premiere of composer Valarie Morris' luscious 'Symphony of Light and Shadows'. I thought it was a beautiful piece. Morris' lyrical work mixed East-West harmonies, rhythms, and moods. The composer gave everyone (harpist, pianist, concertmaster) their solo moments to excel."

Patricia Beach Smith, Sacramento Bee Arts Critic

"I was immediately swept away by the lovely textures Ms. Morris created with chimes, bells, wood, and that glorious harp. As principal keyboardist for the Sacraments Philharmonic, I was honored to have been given the opportunity to perform in this unique world premiere."

Theresa Keene, concert pianist

"The textures were fascinating. I especially loved the way the strings seemed to float and you used all that percussion. Everything was clear and warm and the dynamics really stood out."

Margit Stange, concert-goer

"Your symphony is rich with texture and colors and reminds me very much of the things I love in abstract paintings where sound tones and color tones and textures resonate in a synasthesia."

Shelli Joye, concert-goer

"I could visualize the lights and shadows as the orchestra played your composition."

Judie Panneton, Community Relations Director, Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra

"Congratulations! Everyone I spoke to loved every aspect of it and enjoyed the piece tremendously."

Ming Luke, Operations Manager, Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra

"Valarie's 'Symphony of Light and Shadows' is a real audience pleaser. Several members of the stage crew told me it was their favorite piece on the concert."

Stan Lunetta, timpanist, Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra

"Your symphony was fantastic."

Louise Lang, concert-goer

"What a great performance and talk!"

Burt Kaufman, concert-goer

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