What the reviewers are saying about
Scaling the Accordion, Major Scales Books 1 and 2

"Valarie Morris is both a prolific composer and performer who plays many different instruments herself, including accordion, sax, and clarinet. Obviously as a performer who has surmounted the difficult learning curve of mastering a new instrument many times, Ms. Morris is uniquely qualified to create a teaching method book, and we are certainly happy she has decided to dedicate her efforts to the accordion ... twice!

Both Scaling the Accordion Books 1 and 2 are a new and fresh start at the challenging task of teaching a student new instrumental skills. Instead of the hum-drum predictable folk and nursery rhyme melodies that almost all methods seem to use, Valarie uses a combination of her own compositions along with provocative exercises to keep the experience new and enjoyable. If you are looking for something different in accordion methods that will hold the student's interest, you owe it to yourself to try Scaling the Accordion Books 1 and 2."

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Book 1

"Scaling the Accordion fulfills an important need in the study of the accordion, a need that has been largely overlooked in prior accordion courses. This study, with its focused exercises and accompanying tunes that are fun to play, will facilitate learning the major scales."

The San Francisco Accordion Chamber Ensemble (ACE)
Joe Smiell, Director

Book 2

"Valarie Morris has written some challenging and interesting music for development of both the technical and mental requirements for playing the accordion well."

Joan Cochran Sommers, Professor of Music and Assistant Dean
University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music

"Valarie Morris's Scaling the Accordion Book 2 is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise mundane history of exercise literature for the piano accordion. The clever titles and challenging exercise songs in each of the 12 keys are sure to easily hold the student's interest, while helping them painlessly learn to use basses in the often neglected nether regions of the instrument."

Joe Natoli, Composer, Arranger, Publisher

"Scaling the Accordion, Book 2 is an excellent follow-up to Book 1, bringing the student pleasantly to the next level of proficiency."

The San Francisco Accordion Chamber Ensemble (ACE)
Joe Smiell, Director

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